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Date: 18-11-2021

This has got to be the easiest camping... ever.

For those of us who love to travel, but are less keen on the pack-up and organisation side of things - Rooftop Tents are ideal. Rooftop tents pitch and pack down in a matter of minutes, so if you're a keen off-roader who wants to sleep under the stars but set off early with no fuss - a Rooftop tent is a must.

Mounted right onto your vehicles roof rack system, Rooftop Tents provide an off the ground, comfortable camping setup - all you have to do is find a breathtaking location to set up in. The vantage point of being high off the ground, not to mention away from any creepy crawlies, is a unique feeling. Being amongst the trees or looking out upon a magnificent coastal scene before drifting off to sleep is why Roof Tents have become so popular as an alternative way of camping. 

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All Rooftop tents pitch quickly and easily, so you can pick your spot and pitch quickly The low profile HS can support 150kg on top, making it ideal for recreational sportsman



  • Elevated off the ground: Keep yourself dry and cozy in any weather and any season. The robust materials of Roof Tents shield against wind gusts, harsh sun, and a power cord entry allows for internal heating for a cozy stay anywhere. All Kiwi Camping Rooftop tents come complete with an adjustable aluminium telescopic ladder that suits any car size.
  • Better views, better sleep: Rest up and enjoy a quality nights sleep, our Kiwi Camping Rooftop tents include a plush mattress. Our Rooftop tent flies are Blackout coated, so sleeping in isn't a problem. All you need to do is wake up to the sounds of the birds or the ocean, then enjoy your elevated morning view - it really doesn't get much better than that. 
  • Quick pitching: In a matter of minutes, set yourself up in a stunning location and maximise your time to adventure and experience the outdoors without losing precious time to pitching. Likewise, for when your trip is over and it's time to hit the road, a few minutes and you'll be ready to go.
  • Camp Anywhere: With reduced space than a traditional tent and a vehicle to get you further, the opportunities for beautiful camping spots in New Zealand to reach are endless. Rooftop tents allow you to adventure further and explore places you've never been before. 

What Kiwi Camping Tuatara Rooftop Tent is right for me?

Tuatara Soft Shell Compact (SSC): New Zealand's first Blackout Rooftop Tent, the Tuatara Soft Shell Compact is our most compact and lightweight roof tent that pops up and folds away in just 2 minutes. Perfect for smaller vehicles and Ute’s, the SSC is the ideal Roof Tent for easy adventures anywhere. The SSC has an interior of 2.4m², so it is great for 2 people. The SSC weighs 50kg.

Tuatara Hard Shell (HS): With possibly the lowest profile of any rooftop tent, the Tuatara Hard Shell is made to handle any adventure you can throw at it. The heavy-duty aluminium hard shell supports up to 150kg when in transit, so you can transport bulky items with you as you normally would. This makes the HS ideal for surfers, kayakers and other recreational sports enthusiasts. The Rooftop tent rails, cargo tray and awning mounting brackets are all available separately. The pop-up gas struts will see you set up in under a minute. A 'T' channel system enables you to fit accessories directly to the hard shell. The HS has an interior of 2.6m², so it is great for 2 people. The HS weighs 78kg. 

Tuatara Hard Shell Compact (HSC): Designed for small SUV’s, hatchbacks and Ute trays, the HSC pops up in under 2 minutes while the compact design reduces vehicle fuel consumption. The ABS plastic hard shell provides an extra layer of protection in high wind areas. The HSC has an interior of 3.28m², so it is great for 2 - 3 people. The HSC weighs 72kg. This HSC also has an Annex or Awning as optional accessories, these can extend your living area to the ground, giving you extra space if you need it.

Tuatara Soft Shell Extended (SSE): The SSE has the largest floor area of all our Rooftop tents which makes it ideal for more people. The SSE has an interior of 4.48m², so it is great for 3 people. The SSE weighs 52kg.



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